CRHNet 2020 Symposium


Call for abstracts will be annouced in the near future. We will be fitting lots of information into these sessions and plan to have a variety of different formats.  Most sessions will be abridged versions compared to in person events..  

There are many changes with a virtual format, and hope to keep things moving and encourage engagement with our members and attendees. 

Format - We anticipate that this will be a series of four-six  sessions.  

Session Types

Keynote Address 
Live Stream – Person or persons speaking live to the audience
Panel Discussion (20 minutes) 4 people max
Fast Tracks
TedTalk esque presentations from SME experts
Pre-Recorded – Less than 5 minutes can include;
Updates from previous presentations
Partner updates
Messages from EMOs
Stories of Resilience
Poster Presentations – pre-recorded, filtered in through-out programming

We’d love your feedback on this initiative and welcome your feedback in a survey on the CRHNet Virtual Symposium.  

Take the survey.  

A Message From Our Board

We were excited to be hosting the 2020 Symposium in Ottawa and meeting face to face as we have done since the inaugural event in 2004. As a board we've determined the best way to move forward is to deliver the 2020 Symposium online in a virtual format. This is an exciting time to innovate and be resilient to a changing environment.

On the heels of Emergency Preparedness Week 2020, the resilience of Canada is something to be very proud of; and each of you have contributed in no small way. We adjust as necessary, innovate when possible, and ensure that these experiences are shared and learned from; in keeping true to our mission statement.

  • CRHNet brings together the disaster risk management community to increase resiliency through the transfer of knowledge, the building of relationships, and the exchange of best practices.

Now more than ever it is critical to keep information flowing, sharing challenges and collaborating on solutions. We are excited to be putting together a new version on the Symposium that will continue to help build resiliency in Canada.

We are working on the programming, format and delivery options and will share more details soon. We welcome your feedback on priority topics, multi-sector perspectives and scheduling.

We do look forward to meeting together in person again when the time is right, but in the meantime, we look forward to being resilient with you, and ensuring that our industry grows from this experience.


CRHNet Board of Directors

Sunday, September 27, 2020 to Sunday, November 15, 2020


We’d love your feedback on this initiative and welcome your feedback in a survey on the CRHNet Virtual Symposium.  

Take the survey.  

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