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Bio: Lambertus Struik 2019-06-06

This is for the 2019 Joseph Scanlon award

CRHNet Symposium 2019 Agenda, 2019-05-27

CRHNet Symposium 2019 Agenda 2019-05-10

Draft PDF list of presentations by time for the CRHNet 2019 Annual Symposium

CRHNet Symposium 2019 Agenda 2019-05-10

May 10, 2019 draft presentations agenda for CRHNet 2019 Annual Symposium

CRHNet Symposium 2019 Presenters List

This list contains presentation information sorted by the day of the symposium

Symposium 2019 Draft Agenda 2019-04-30

Why Your Emergency Plan Will Fail

Adapting canadian all hazards risk assessment methodology to flood consequence classification in BC

J.D. Van de Valk, M. S. North and S. Safaie
Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd. and Sage on Earth Consulting

Mapping the attributes of community resilience: Bangladesh

M. Salim Uddin 1 , C. Emdad Haque 1, Mahed-Ul-Islam Choudhury 1 and David Walker 2
1 Natural Resources Institute
2 Department of Environment and Geography
University of Manitoba
November 1, 2018

Canadian Risk and Hazards Network Conference 2018
Vancouver, BC, October 30 to November 1, 2018 M

Resilience is for losers

Lambertus C. Struik,

Centre for Natural Hazard Research,

Simon Fraser University,

Burnaby, BritishColumbia.


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