CRHNet website: what's it all about

What can you do with this new CRHNet website that could not be done before?

As a CRHNet member you can have conversations. You can post your ideas directly. You can upload files that are documents, pictures, and diagrams. You can do these things publicly and privately. You can have and manage your own group for a project or for special interest. You can do most of these things yourself, when you want. In the parlance of the web, you are adding "content". For example: the next Symposium organizing committee can be granted access to the site to create their own Symposium content directly, once the previous year's Symposium is done.

Much of the CRHNet website content is publically accessible, whether you are a member of CRHNet or not. For example, open information includes the background on CRHNet, Library resources and information about present and past symposia.

What's that on the home page?

The home page is a collection of most recently added content and the highlighted content. It can be different every time you come to CRHNet. Site administrators decide how to distribute the content across the home view. I did not say "home page" because pages have different meaning on these sites. Pages are a single content type, where you create content directly on the site through a WYSIWYG editor. They are displayed as one of the entities on the screen's real estate.

What happened to the story about CRHNet?

That is now under the "About" menu tab. Essentially you need to decide to go see the mostly static information about CRHNet. Common practice now on many websites.

How come some things are missing?

Some content from the previous site has yet to be moved to the new site: primarily the documents and links that were under the Archive Symposia, Research, Resources and Photo Gallery sections.

Who do I complain to?

As a CRHNet member you can make suggestions about how to make the site easier to use, add more content, suggest which content should be private to a certain group (for instance; what should be for members only?). You can make those suggestions through forums and discussions in forums. This website can be modified on the fly for better management and content display.


This site is built on Drupal version 7. It was built by Bert Struik and Agentic Communications. It is hosted by Royal Roads University in Victoria under the technical direction of Steve Beaudry. In general the new site maintains the CRHNet branding and the previous site's look and feel. It has modules for Blogs, Discussions (Forums), Posting material and Events, conducting Groups with specific purposes, managing site Users, and administering the site. To use the site you need to have an account: have a login identification and password, with some personal information in a profile.  People who want to the join the site need to have authorization to do so. Existing Board members and CRHNet members as of August 2013 have been given member accounts with a login and password. All members are part of the Member Group. Board Members are members of the Board of Directors Group. Young professionals are part of the Young Professionals Group and the Members Group. Some people are members of all three groups. Account holders are either assigned to or can ask to be part of certain groups. Granting of authorization is important to keep out spammers who troll for sites with open registration, so they can sign up and post advertizements about their products and services.

The site has various categories of account. Specifically, accounts are granted various site-usage permissions. Primarily they are: administator (can do everything), group manager and registered user. The site can have more than one administrator, Each group has one manager. Administrators and managers can write blogs. Registered users can create forums, post material and see material specific to their group. The general public that are not registered can see all the public information on the site and download the public material. They cannot post content.

Group content visibility: 
Public - accessible to all site users


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Looks great.. Font looks a bit odd on my machine though.

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