CRHNet 2023 Symposium – How to Support

October 24-26, 2023

here are many ways you can support the CRHNet 2023 Symposium.  We hope that you can join us in person to reconnect, inspire each other and reflect on the past, present and future of our industry and its members.

Members, Partnerships and Sponsors

CRHNet strives to ensure access to our organization and events through cost effective pricing for both our annual memberships (individual and organizational) as well as event sponsorship and annual partnerships. As a non-profit organization, it is through our ongoing members and partners that we can maintain reasonable event prices.


We encourage all individuals and organizations to review our competitive membership options. There are symposium discounts and new promotional benefits that come with a current membership. To view options, please visit:  We encourage our members to take advantage of the discount to participate and encourage colleagues that would benefit to join them.


Finding strategic partners in disaster risk reduction is critical in building a comprehensive and effective disaster risk management strategy. Building a coalition or partnership of organizations and stakeholders who share a common goal of reducing disaster risk is what we envision. This can include government agencies, non-government organizations, private sector companies, and community-based organizations.

We aim to create strategic partnerships that will contribute to regular engagement activities both online and in-person, digitally and in various knowledge sharing mediums like HazNet and in various apps. This may also include partnerships that support special projects such as the current project on developing a core competency profile for disaster and emergency management, a partnership between IAEM Canada and CRHNet.


We welcome support from those that have services, products, talent, and resources that will help our industry improve DRR during our Symposium. This can be in financial or in-kind support in the form of training or technical assistance. It may also be of mutual benefit for you/your organization, and our members. Please submit any proposals or offers of support and define the benefits you are looking to achieve. We are currently seeking sponsors to support our symposium event, quarterly member engagements, HazNet, and our emerging professionals committee work.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss these opportunities with you further.  Please email for more info.  Prospectus available soon.  Please stay tuned.


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