Not a regular conference… it’s a Symposium!

Our programming will emphasize the importance of active learning and collaboration. We aim to:

  • Focus on identifying and defining shared problems or challenges among our members, and then working together to develop strategies and plans to address them.
  • Focus on active learning and sharing. We seek to have contributors, instead of speakers, and participants, instead of attendees.
  • Enable the sharing of multiple perspectives, to acquire new knowledge and skills.
  • Reflect on not only what has been learned in theory, but how it can be applied in practice.

Together, let us reimagine resilience through DRR! Let us rethink traditional approaches and paradigms and produce new and innovative solutions that can improve resilience. This can include innovative technologies or approaches and strategies that help reduce disaster risk in new and effective ways. It also can include the use of new methodologies like systems thinking, co-creation, or design thinking that can help to identify and address the complex and interconnected challenges of resilience.

Beyond the facilitators, contributors and experts, those who attend will be asked to actively participate in sessions with their insights, perspectives and experiences and ideas.  We are looking for colleagues of varying levels of knowledge and experience to collaborate on solutions of identified challenges.

Our organizational objectives are to:

  • Create dialogue focusing on disaster risk reduction.
  • Influence policy formulation
  • Enable the adoption of best practices in Canada.

We strive to facilitate an environment that supports actionable learning with everyone’s participation.

More details including registration coming soon!

CRHNet DRR Symposium Content