Emergency Operations Centres

Michel C. Doré, MStJ, PhD, B.Sc.N., PCP, CEM, CGU
National Emergency Management Coordinator – Saint-John Ambulance
Emergency Management Professor, Université du Québec à Montréal
President of the Canadian Risk and Hazard Network (CRHNET)
Co-chair of the Canadian Disaster Risk Reduction Platform

Protect, Accommodate, Retreat or Avoid (PARA)

Canadian community options for flood disaster risk reduction and climate change resilience

Brent Doberstein, Joanne Fitzgibbons & Carrie Mitchell
University of Waterloo, Ontario (

Amplifying Montreal's Urban Resilience

Local Institutional Dynamics shape coummunity resilience: Bangladesh

How do local institutional dynamics shape community resilience to natural disasters? Evidence from Bangladesh

Robin Bourke, Bio 2018

Biography, Larry L. Pearce 2018

Building on Strength and Resilience

Traditional Knowledge and Healing

Caring for Children and Families

Traditional Foods and Wellness


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