The Role of Social Media in Emergency Risk Communications

 by Dorit Mason (North Shore Emergency Management Office) 2.01 Mb

Public Lightning Alerting in Canada - A Risk-Based Approach

by Dennis Dudley (Canadian Lightning Detection Centre, Environment Canada) 7.67 Mb

The Northshore Shakeout - A Planning Scenario. Preliminary Assessment of Earthquake Risk for the District of North Vancouver

 by Murray Journeay (Geological Survey of Canada) & the NRCan Quantitative Risk Assessment Project Team 23.77 Mb

Early Warning Systems and Preparedness to Cope with Cyclones in Coastal Bangladesh: Do They Work?

by M. Salim Uddin, C. Emdad Haque, & Parnali Dhar Chowdhury (Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba) 4.54 Mb

An EWS Inspired Tool for Anticipating Domino Effects among Critical Infrastructures

by Benoît Robert, Luciano Morabito, Irène Cloutier, & Yannick Hémond (Centre Risque & Performance, Polytechnique Montréal) 7.30 Mb

HAZUS and MASAS-X Come Together

by Philip Dawe (Centre for Security Science) & Murray Journeay 12.04 Mb

Challenges to Critical Infrastructure Assessment

by Lynne Genik (Defence Research and Development Canada)

British Columbia's Critical Infrastructure Program

by Heather Lyle (Emergency Management BC) 1.09 Mb

Ethics and Emergency Management

by David Etkin (York University) & Peter Timmerman 1.48 Mb


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