T. Joseph Scanlon Lifetime Achievement Award

The CRHNet “Lifetime Achievement Award” is the organization’s highest honour and is named after the late T. Joseph Scanlon, journalist, researcher, professor for his lifetime contributions to disaster risk management. The award is presented annually to recognize the lifetime contributions and achievements of exemplary individuals to the enhancement of Canadian disaster safety. Eligibility for this award is open to all Canadians, and recognizes individual service to public safety through disaster management practice, research, education and leadership.

Number of Awards: Each year one individual is recognized, and the recipient is announced at the annual fall CRHNet Symposium. Recipients are also recognized and profiled in “HazNet”, CRHNet’s signature publication.

Eligibility: All Canadian disaster researchers, educators, trainers and practitioners are eligible to receive this award.

Deadline: TBD - We are monitoring the pandemic to determine if the Symposium will be going forward as planned.  As soon as this is determined we will finalize deadine details.  

Selection: All nomination packages will be adjudicated by the CRHNet Awards Committee against the posted eligibility and award criteria. Nomination packages will be assessed based on a) the nature of contributions; b) the duration of contributions; and c) the impact of contributions in the following areas:

• Candidate’s oral and written public safety contributions across various media,
• Candidate’s educational and training contributions in the field of Canadian public safety,
• Candidate’s support for and participation in Canadian disaster research,
• Candidate’s volunteer contributions to Canadian public safety,
• Candidate’s contributions to the practice of Canadian public safety,
• Candidate’s role as a public safety mentor and leader in Canada.

Award Notification: While we thank all applicants for their interest in this award, only successful candidates will be notified by April 7 of the award decision.

Award Acceptance: Awards must be accepted or declined by April 15 of the year in which the award is given.

Nomination Instructions: Individuals can nominate themselves or others. Please submit an award nomination package by email to the Award Coordinator listed below. Please ensure your electronic submission identifies the “Scanlon Lifetime Achievement Award” in the subject line, and includes the following documents in Word or PDF formats:

1. Covering letter outlining why the nominee is deserving of this award,
2. Completed award “Nomination Form”, which can be found here
3. Curriculum vitae (CV),
4. Brief biography (max. 250 words), and
5. Three letters of reference from individuals in the public safety field (e.g. academics, educators, practitioners) who can attest to the contributions of the nominee.

CRHNet Lifetime Achievement Award Awards Committee:   Awards@CRHNet.ca  

Past Award Winners

Alain Normand  

Larry Pearce - Awarded for his lifetime contributions to disaster reduction management, community engagement, education and risk reduction initiatives.

T Joseph Scanlon - Awarded for his lifetime contributions to disaster scholarship, eduction and communication as a journalist, journalism professor, and sociologist.

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