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Natural Hazard Management for Local Government

Natural Hazard Management for Local Government by Fiona Dercole (District of North Vancouver) 7.0 Mb

Risk-based Land-use Decision Support: A guide for decision makers

Risk-based Land-use Decision Support: A guide for decision makers by Bert Struik (Geological Survey of Canada), Laurie Pearce, and Murray Journeay 4.2 Mb

Risky Ground (summer 2014 edition)

This issue of Risky Ground looks at disasters caused by natural and not so natural events, and highlights a new geomorphic find in Yukon. It advertizes several upcoming meetings and field schools in hazard science. A large part of the issue reviews the Oso landslide

Impacts of wildfires: Aftermath at individual and community levels?

Wildfires are becoming a greater concern in many areas of the world. In this article, focus is on wildfires in two rural communities in Canada with emphasis on the aftermath at both the individual and community levels. Through open- ended interviews, information was generated about individual experiences with recovery and the creation of groups in the communities post-wildfire. The findings reveal that despite the differences in the severity of the fires, residents at both sites experienced impacts after the event.

Study of Impact and the Insurance and Economic Cost of a Major Earthquake in British Columbia and Ontario/Québec

AIR Worldwide (AIR) was engaged by the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) to conduct a study of the impact and the insurance and economic costs of major earthquakes affecting British Columbia and the Ontario/Québec region. This is the most comprehensive and all-inclusive study of its type yet done for Canada. It is intended to raise awareness and to serve as a valuable tool for the insurance industry, government agencies, regulators, disaster preparedness organizations and the public in planning for, and mitigating, the risk from future earthquakes in Canada.

Introduction to Emergency Management in British Columbia

This self-study guide is intended to provide learners with an introduction to the basic concepts of emergency management in British Columbia. The guide will help learner understand emergency management from a broad perspective. It will also help clarify the emergency management roles of various agencies/organizations and levels of government.

This guide is also a pre-requisite for many higher level emergency management training courses within the province.

Emergency Management - BCERMS Orientation

This PowerPoint presentation describes the British Columbia Emergency Response Management System (BCERMS).

Biography, Jack McGee

Opening Speech, November 7 2007


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