British Columbia

Role of Science and Technology in Flood Hazard Management in Lillooet River Valley

Role of Science and Technology in Flood Hazard Management in Lillooet River Valley by Marit Heideman (Department of Earth Sciences, Simon Fraser University) 7.47 Mb

Land-use Decision Support: A Risk-based land-use guide

Land-use Decision Support: A Risk-based land-use guide by Bert Struik, Laurie Pearce, Murray Journeay 2.3 Mb

HazNet Special Edition 2014-01-15

Blast From the Past

Three stories about past events where explosions caused or could have caused destruction: the 1917 Halifax explosion, the Green Hill Park explosions and the crash of a B-36 bomber with an atomic bomb.  The edition contains a memorial to William Anderson, a USA scholar of disaster prevention and management.

Community Resilience from an Essential Services Perspective

Lynne Genik.

Presenter: Simona Verga

Defence Research and Development Canada

A Metro-Vancouver Risk-based Land-use Guide

L.C. Struik1, L.L. Pearce2, J.J. Clague3, J.D. Allan4, F. Dercole5, M. Ulmi1, L.D. Pearce6, J. Shoubridge7, N. Hastings1, J.M. Journeay1, M. Wojtarowicz1, M. Weston5, C. Jeromin8, and R. Walker2

  1. Natural Resources Canada,
  2. Justice Institute of British Columbia,
  3. Simon Fraser University,
  4. Integrated Partnership for Regional Emergency Management, Metro Vancouver
  5. District of North Vancouver,
  6. Pearces 2 Consulting
  7. City of Vancouver
  8. Port Metro Vancouver


Estimating Earthquake Site Response across Greater Vancouver from Ambient Vibration Recordings

 by C.E. Ventura (Department of Civil Engineering, University of British Columbia), S. Molnar, W.D.L. Finn, J. Ching, D. Guo, I. Feng, J. Laughlin, N. Richardson, & A. Zhao 3.27 Mb

Towards Fragility Curves for Analyses of Earthquake Risks in BC Buildings

 by Jorge A. Prieto (Natural Resources Canada), Carlos E. Ventura, & Ricardo O. Foschi 2.02 Mb

Modeling Potential Economic Loss to Businesses in Metro Vancouver from Seismic Events

 by S.E. Chang, A. Lotze, Z.K. Yip, & M. de Ruiter (School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia) 4.51 Mb


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