The Effect of a Belief in Guardian Spirits on Risk Perception

The Effect of a Belief in Guardian Spirits on Risk Perception by David Etkin (York University), Jelena Ivanova, Susan MacGregor and Atalia Spektor 0.7 Mb

Program: CRHNet 2010 Symposium

Circular, CRHNet 2010 Symposium

CRHNet2014 Program update October 20, 2014

HazNet 2014 Fall


This paper presents a model of the social phenomena of emergency recovery and predicts the dynamics of  affected communities that enable social recovery to be managed as the context for personal recovery. It is based on observations of Australian disasters and emergencies over the last twenty years and on research findings in the literature.

Humanitarian crises, emergency preparedness and response: The role of business and the private sector

This report outlines the findings of a study undertaken by the Humanitarian Policy Group at the Overseas Development Institute, the Humanitarian Futures Programme at King’s College London, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and Vantage Partners, with financial support from the UK Department for International Development. This study has aimed to capture the current state of private sector engagement in humanitarian action around the world, building on a global literature review and studies focused on Kenya, Jordan, Indonesia and Haiti.



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