The People Who Panic During Disasters Aren’t Who You Think They Are

This magazine article explains the persistence of disaster panic myths despite the pro-social behaviour people frequently exhibit in disaster contexts.

Movers and Shakers: Women’s stories from the Christchurch earthquakes

This is the final report of a research study undertaken by the National Council of Women (Christchurch Branch) between 2011 and 2014 with women living in Christchurch through the earthquakes. It tells their stories of the earthquakes and the aftermath, including community action, health, housing, insurance woes, families, children and many other themes.



Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines

This viewpoint on Typhoon Haiyan aims to capture some of the priorities for aid decision makers as they struggle with the devastation in the Philippines, such as: to rebuild livelihoods; to pay attention to special vulnerable groups; and to prepare from now for the next big disaster, building resilience to save lives and livelihoods and keeping in mind the growing impacts of climate change. 

Harnessing the full potential of the insurance industry in disaster risk management

This paper outlines an insurance industry commitment in support of the process to develop the Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The 2013 Great Alberta Flood: Actions to Mitigate, Manage and Control Future Floods

A broad group of practitioners from across Alberta, Canada and the world participated in developing this white paper. The paper was created to provide proactive recommendations for flood management in Alberta. 

Older Persons in Emergency Situations: A case study of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

This case study report reflects on the situation of elderly victims of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake through the perspective of the disaster cycle, and summarizes measures perceived to be necessary for the future.

The State of the Nation: Infrastructure 2014

State of the Nation is ICE’s flagship report on the current state of the UK’s infrastructure. This State of the Nation Infrastructure 2014 report assesses the performance, capacity and condition of the UK’s economic infrastructure networks, and determines the actions required in order to improve and enhance performance, and importantly, to ensure that our infrastructure is resilient when faced with the many challenges ahead – from climate change to population growth.

Loss and Damage, Women and Men. Applying a gender approach to the emerging loss and damage agenda

Providing analysis and examples, this discussion paper aims to give guidance on gender considerations that should be included in international discussions on the emerging loss and damage agenda. Several issues will be dealt with in the loss and damage discussions in the run up and during upcoming international climate change negotiations, such as COP 19 in Warsaw. This paper is a direct contribution to those discussions and presents four main areas in which gender should be considered: 1. Capacity needs of developing countries, especially in addressing slow-onset events; 2.

Progress and Challenges in the Results of a Global Survey Urban Governance of Climate Change

This survey explored the state of adaptation and mitigation planning globally, the challenges cities are facing, and the way that networks connecting multiple different players (municipal, community-based, and business) influence how climate policies are designed and implemented. A total of 350 cities (48%) responded to the 69 question survey. The majority of respondents were from the United States where ICLEI has its largest membership.

Resilient Communities: Empowering Older Adults in Disasters and Daily Life

Efforts to increase individual preparedness among older people through the creation of “go-bags” and the stockpiling of supplies have been repeatedly undertaken but have not improved overall outcomes for older people following subsequent disasters in New York City. With
extreme weather projected to increase, a new strategy is required to keep older adults, who are often among the city’s most long-term, civically engaged residents, safe.


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