Risky Ground (summer 2014 edition)

This issue of Risky Ground looks at disasters caused by natural and not so natural events, and highlights a new geomorphic find in Yukon. It advertizes several upcoming meetings and field schools in hazard science. A large part of the issue reviews the Oso landslide
in Washington State (2014), and several interface fires in British Columbia of 2003. Each of those articles emphasize that, these days, hazard experts understand disaster potential. They mostly know where disasters can happen and how they can happen. More controversial, and taken on by policy makers, is deciding what to do about preventing such disasters. In the complicated world where politics meets sociological, economic and environmental issues; the blatantly obvious answers are not always immediately apparent. It
stills appears that what is known about hazards, and could be known about hazards, is not well connected to our everyday choices. It is hoped that the reviews in Risky Ground remind us of options for better choices to enjoy safer summers.

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SFU Centre for Natural Hazard Research
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