Speakers and Contributors


We are asking for subject matter experts, innovators, and DEM professionals to submit proposals for contributions to the 2021 Agenda.  We are seeking presentations, workshops, interactive sessions, demonstrations, and panels that will speak to a diverse range of colleagues within our field.

Deadline:  July 26, 2021

We encourage you to join us in collaboration, telling Canada’s evolving story of disaster risk reduction and resilience.

Rarely before have so many faced the same yet different challenges together.  Now is the time to speak through all the observations, obstacles, challenges, silver linings and successes with each other.  With this long term, rapidly changing environment it is critical for us to be working together to lessen mistakes and capitalize on successes.

We welcome contributions that speak to a wide range of sectors within our industry, and how we can share knowledge that will reflect our collective goal to support disaster risk reduction.  Our aim is to showcase results-based knowledge sharing and highlight practical applications that can make differences for our colleagues.  If you feel you can contribute, please submit your details for consideration.

There are a variety of different presentation styles that will be considered including;

      • Keynote Addresses
      • Workshops / Interactive Sessions
      • Live Stream: Person or persons speaking live with the attendees
      • Panel Discussion:  Sessions with multiple perspectives
      • DEM Talks – TedTalk-esque presentations from SME experts
      • Project Updates Pre-Recorded or live
      • Provincial Updates
      • Authors Corner
      • Innovation Showcases

Have your previously presented at a CRHNet Symposium?  We’d love an update on where you are now with the topic you discussed.  We can improve the future by reviewing progress and advancements.

Have you got a regional update?  A collaborative project?  Need feedback from others on a project you are working on?  Not all contributors need to give a standard presentation.  Do you have a hot topic you’d like to discuss with our industry professionals?  Let us know and we’ll see if we can get it on the agenda.

Hot Topics

Here are some topics of interest but are eager to review other topics as well.

  • Silver Linings
  • Technology (Virtual EOCs, Contact Tracing, Alerts)
  • Business Continuity in EOC
  • Post Pandemic Recovery
  • Climate Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Community Resiliency
  • Crisis Management
  • Communications and Misinformation
  • Risk Communication
  • Disaster Management vs Disaster Medicine
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Diversity
  • Emerging Professionals
  • Supporting Vulnerable and Marginalized Peoples
  • Promotion of Inclusion Efforts
  • Succession Planning
  • Indigenous Community Resilience and Indigenous Insights
  • Industry and Professionalization Development
  • Mental Well-being During Marathon Responses
  • Rapid Recovery Strategies
  • Resilience Realized
  • Science and Research Updates
  • Simultaneous Incident Responses

Are you ready to submit session proposal?  Please be sure to describe the practical applications/implications of your topic!


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