Presentations Symposium 2012

Vancouver, British Columbia, October 24-26, 2012 Presentations

CRHNet 2012 Symposium Abstract Volume

CRHNet 2012 Symposium Program

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GIS-Based Watermain Replacement Program - Calibration Using Public Input by Lorn Carter (District of North Vancouver) 686.68 Kb

System Dynamics Modeling Applied to Disaster Management by Hans De Smet, Bart Plessers, Geert Letens, & Jan Leysen (Royal Military Academy, Belgium) 24.54 Mb

The Land and Infrastructure Resiliency Assessment (LIRA) Project by Paul Christensen (Vemax Management Inc.) & Cameron Kayter 2.24 Mb

Flood Management: Have We Got It Wrong? by Tamsin Lyle (Northwest Hydraulic Consultants) 6.06 Mb

Developing Hazard or Incident Specific Emergency Response Plans by Marg Verbeek (Global Emergency Management Consulting) 10.06 Mb

Cyber Security Information Sharing: A Case Study of Olympic Proportions by Lynne Genik (Defence Research and Development Canada Centre for Security Science) & Luc Beaudoin 1.78 Mb

Using Hazus in Canada for Reducing Risks from Natural Hazards by Nicky Hastings, Miroslav Nastev, Murray Journeay, Lambertus C. Struik, Carol Wagner, William Chow, Jorge A. Prieto, Maggie Wojtarowicz, & Malaika Ulmi (Natural Resources Canada) 30.87 Mb

Utilization of Hazus as a Tool for Municipal Risk Reduction by Dorit Mason (North Shore Emergency Management Office) & Fiona Dercole 2.27 Mb

Your Risk Assessment Safety Net by Lambertus C. Struik (Geological Survey of Canada, Natural Resources Canada) 2.14 Mb

Ashcroft Thompson River Landslides: Impact on Freight Transportation by Chris Bunce (Canadian Pacific) & Pete Quinn 5.25 Mb

Fragility Curves for Assessing the Risks of Debris Flow Hazards, HAZUS Compatible Format by Jorge A. Prieto, Murray Journeay & Malaika Ulmi (Geological Survey of Canada, Natural Resources Canada) 2.25 Mb

Modeling Potential Economic Loss to Businesses in Metro Vancouver from Seismic Events by S.E. Chang, A. Lotze, Z.K. Yip, & M. de Ruiter (School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia) 4.51 Mb

Towards Fragility Curves for Analyses of Earthquake Risks in BC Buildings by Jorge A. Prieto (Natural Resources Canada), Carlos E. Ventura, & Ricardo O. Foschi 2.02 Mb

Estimating Earthquake Site Response across Greater Vancouver from Ambient Vibration Recordings by C.E. Ventura (Department of Civil Engineering, University of British Columbia), S. Molnar, W.D.L. Finn, J. Ching, D. Guo, I. Feng, J. Laughlin, N. Richardson, & A. Zhao 3.27 Mb

Flood Risk & Flood Crisis Management in Flanders by Kris Cauwenberghs (Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij) 12.55 Mb

Is the Delphi Process more Effective than Survey Methods in 'Gap Analysis'?: Lessons Learned from Research on Floods in the Red River Basin, Manitoba by C. Emdad Haque, M. Salim Uddin, & Parnali Dhar Chowdhury (Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba) 641.63 Kb

Role of Science and Technology in Flood Hazard Management in Lillooet River Valley by Marit Heideman (Department of Earth Sciences, Simon Fraser University) 7.47 Mb

GLOFs from Moraine-Dammed Lakes: Their Causes and Mechanisms by V. Vilímek & A. Emmer (Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology, Charles University, Czech Republic) 5.91 Mb

Public Perceptions of the Mountain Pine Beetle Impact in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming by Mike Czaja (Colorado State University), Stuart Cottrell, Jessica Clement, & Alan Bright 1.10 Mb

Perception of Lower Mainland Practitioners on the Incorporation of Social Media in Emergency Management (also the full-text article) by Paloma Diaz (Computer Science Department, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain), Ignacio Aedo, Richard Arias, & David Diez 4.06 Mb

Keynote Address: Business, Resiliency and Effective Disaster Recovery by Anne Kleffner (Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary) 1.34 Mb

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Canadian Resilience: Royal Canadian Mounted Policy (Panel: Mitigating Psycho-Social Risks in the Aftermath of a Terrorist Attack) by Tasleem Budhwani (Royal Canadian Mounted Policy) 1.42 Mb

The Many Faces of Resilience (Panel: Mitigating Psycho-Social Risks in the Aftermath of a Terrorist Attack) by Mark Dechesne (University of Leiden - Campus The Hague) 593.07 Kb

Social Media for Crisis Management: Engagement is more than Reading and Writing Posts! (Panel: Mitigating Psycho-Social Risks in the Aftermath of a Terrorist Attack) by Derek Ruths (School of Computer Science, McGill University) 601.81 KB

Conditions for Successful Knowledge Transfer in Cross-Organizational Collaboration by Susan McIntyre (Canadian Safety and Security Program) 478.59 Kb

Ethics and Emergency Management by David Etkin (York University) & Peter Timmerman 1.48 Mb

British Columbia's Critical Infrastructure Program by Heather Lyle (Emergency Management BC) 1.09 Mb

Challenges to Critical Infrastructure Assessment by Lynne Genik (Defence Research and Development Canada) 1.46 Mb

HAZUS and MASAS-X Come Together by Philip Dawe (Centre for Security Science) & Murray Journeay 12.04 Mb

Hazus Analysis for Multiple Earthquake Scenarios in the U.S. by Kelly Stone (United States Federal Emergency Management Agency Region X) 9.01 Mb

Simulation, Training and Exercise Collaboratory (SIMTEC): Enhancing Emergency Operations Centre Decision Making Capacity by Laurie Pearce (Justice Institute of British Columbia) 2.02 Mb

An EWS Inspired Tool for Anticipating Domino Effects among Critical Infrastructures by Benoît Robert, Luciano Morabito, Irène Cloutier, & Yannick Hémond (Centre Risque & Performance, Polytechnique Montréal) 7.30 Mb

Early Warning Systems and Preparedness to Cope with Cyclones in Coastal Bangladesh: Do They Work? by M. Salim Uddin, C. Emdad Haque, & Parnali Dhar Chowdhury (Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba) 4.54 Mb

The Northshore Shakeout - A Planning Scenario. Preliminary Assessment of Earthquake Risk for the District of North Vancouver by Murray Journeay (Geological Survey of Canada) & the NRCan Quantitative Risk Assessment Project Team 23.77 Mb

Public Lightning Alerting in Canada - A Risk-Based Approach by Dennis Dudley (Canadian Lightning Detection Centre, Environment Canada) 7.67 Mb

The Role of Social Media in Emergency Risk Communications by Dorit Mason (North Shore Emergency Management Office) 2.01 Mb

Use of Social Media & Emerging Communication Technologies to Disseminate Natural Hazard Information by Natural Resources Canada by Alison Bird, Chris Majewski, Khalil Hayek, Wayne Edwards, & David McCormack (Natural Resources Canada) 119.81 Mb

An All-Hazards Risk Assessment in Support of Regional Capability Based Planning by Simona Verga & Paul Chouinard (DRDC Centre for Security Science) 732.10 Kb

Risk Governance in Norway on the Basis of a National Risk Assessment by Per Kristen Brekke (Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection) 1.38 Mb

Applying the AHRA Approach to a Public Health Emergency Risk Assessment Process by Jill Sciberras (Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response, Public Health Agency of Canada) 1.35 Mb

Sharing our Experience with the Capability Based Planning Model in Metro Vancouver by Clarence Lai (Integrated Partnership for Regional Emergency Management in Metro Vancouver) 1.10 Mb

Target Based Risk Assessments: Understanding Vulnerability by Barry Bouwsema (Canadian Capability Based Planning) 4.57 Mb


A Tale of Two Philosophies: A Review of the Status of Risk-based and Capabilities-based Planning in Canada by Darren Blackburn (Justice Institute of British Columbia) 1.51 Mb

The December 2011 Amendments to the Environmental Emergency Regulations by Julie Carpentier (Environment Canada) 45.83 Mb

Disaster Scenarios to Guide Decisions in Emergency and Land-use Risk Reduction by Nicky Hastings, Murray Journeay, Miroslav Nastev, Jorge A. Prieto, Lambertus C. Struik, Carol Wagner, William Chow, Maggie Wojtarowicz, & Malaika Ulmi (Natural Resources Canada) 29.31 Mb

Lessons from the Stanley Cup Riot: A Risk-Based Approach to Planning for Large Events by Katie McPherson (Emergency Planning, City of Vancouver) & Daniel Stevens 2.12 Mb

Comparing Preliminary Shakeout Scenarios for the Metro Vancouver Region by Murray Journeay, Jorge A. Prieto, Maggie Wojtarowicz, Carol Wagner, Nicky Hastings, & Malaika Ulmi (Geological Survey of Canada) 29.73 Mb

Canadian Inventory Data Inputs for Estimating Losses from Natural Hazards using Hazus-MH by Malaika Ulmi, Carol Wagner, Murray Journeay, & Nicky Hastings (Geological Survey of Canada, Natural Resources Canada) 2.08 Mb

Friday, October 26, 2012

Reaching the Unreachable: Disaster Risk Reduction Education Project by Utilizing Mobile Knowledge Resource Centre Towards a Safer Community (additional slides) by C. Cheung & A. Hassan (Church World Service) 2.52 Mb

Resilience to Environmental Change and Disasters: A Comparison of Aboriginal and Western Perspectives by Brenda Murphy & Annette Chrétien (Wilfrid Laurier University) 5.66 Mb

Disaster, To Be or Not to Be? Attawapiskat: Are there Underlying Issues? by Valérie Céré (Universite Laval) 63.96 Mb

The Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network (MEOPAR) by Douglas Wallace (Dalhousie University) 2.87 Mb

A Canadian Risk-based Land-use Guide by Lambertus C. Struik (Geological Survey of Canada), Laurie Pearce, John Clague, Doug Allan, Fiona Dercole, Malaika Ulmi, Larry Pearce, Jessica Shoubridge, Nicky Hastings, Murray Journeay, Maggie Wojtarowicz, Michelle Weston, Cindy Jeromin, & Bob Walker 4.32 Mb

Rural Disaster Resilience Project: Building Resilience and Rural Health System Capability for Pre-Disaster Planning and Preparedness by G. Anderson & R. Bowles (Justice Institute of British Columbia) 1.96 Mb

Closing Remarks: Shaking Out our Networks! by Daniel Lebel, Lambertus C. Struik, & Michael Lynch (Natural Resources Canada) 28.28 Kb

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