Symposium 2012

Lifeline Connections for Resilience

The 9th CRHNet Symposium explores the power, diversity, complexity and necessity of relationships and partnerships as a foundation of community resilience. The symposium promotes CRHNet's values - recognizing the importance of social and physical networks and interconnectivity across all sectors.

CRHNet 2012 invited abstracts for special sessions to address the Symposium's theme of strengthening "Lifeline Connections for Resilience", and proposals for general sessions in disaster risk reduction. We encourage abstracts which address:

Thematic sessions:

TS01: Cyber Domain: the Underlying, Ill-Understood Lifeline
TS02: Critical Infrastructure Resilience: From Research to Intelligence to Operations to Policy - Breaking Down Silos
TS03: HAZUS and Loss-Estimation for Disasters
TS04: Disaster Resilience Planning
TS05: Natural Hazard Knowledge for Disaster Analysis and Management
TS06: Early Warning Systems and Risk Communication
TS07: Aboriginal Resilience and Disaster Management
TS08: Risk Management Planning for Major Events
TS09: All Hazards Risk Assessment: A Pivotal Element in Understanding the Interconnectedness of Safety and Security Issues and Solutions


General sessions reflecting risk and hazard themes in:


  • Health sciences or services: includes the psychosocial dimensions of mitigation, emergency management, and pandemic management
  • Natural sciences: includes risk assessment and risk modeling methods, and risk mitigation strategies
  • Social sciences and services: includes government and governance, strategic and land-use planning, public participation, psychosocial considerations, and community resiliency strategies.
  • Industry and commerce: includes industrial resilience, enterprise risk management, risk and insurance management, business continuity and security.

Digital records of accepted presentations will be shared with participants





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