This 3rd edition by Dr. David Etkins, was written because there was no text that specifically addressed the topic of emergency management ethics; thus, it fills a gap. It is also an important topic. He is hoping that you will not find this a dry, boring read. Many if not most academic books and textbooks are written in an impersonal and formal style that is not very engaging. Where possible, he has tried to avoid that approach and hope that you find this book both interesting and useful.

“I believe that almost everybody struggles with the question “What is the right thing to do?” at many times throughout their lives. Often these struggles relate to our personal lives, but they also emerge in a professional context where we have layers of duties and obligations prescribed by law, policy, and culture. The field of emergency management is no exception. Within the public sector the field exists to serve the common good of citizens, and within the humanitarian space it exists to aid victims of disasters. For this reason, at its most fundamental level, emergency management is an ethical and moral exercise.”

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