Canadian Disaster Management Textbook: Chapter 5b

The Military and Disaster Management: A Canadian Perspective on the Issue

by David Etkin, Kenneth McBey and Cliff Trollope

Canadian Disaster Management Textbook Chapter 7a

Understanding Vulnerability to Understand Disasters, by Ilan Kelman

Canadian Disaster Management Textbook Chapter 8c-1

Mass Casualty Management and Medical Surge, by Wayne Dauphinee

Canadian Disaster Management Textbook Chapter 8c-2

Forensics if Necessary: Similarities and Changes in Canadian Mass Death Incidents
by Joseph Scanlon and Chris Stoney, with Kirsten Kramar, Tanya Peckmann, Ian Brown, Cynthia Lynn Cormier, Terry McMahon and Coen van Haastert

Canadian Disaster Management Textbook Chapter 8d-1

Post-Disaster Recovery and Vulnerability, by Erin Joachim

Canadian Disaster Management Textbook Chapter 8d-2

Household Economic Disaster Recovery: Canadian Approaches, by Brenda Murphy

Stories from the Edge

The purpose of this compilation of stories is to share experiences of people in the field of emergency management. We asked people involved in the profession of disaster and emergency management to tell us a story that changed them in some way – a story that might help others (particularly students in the field) - learn from their experiences.

Stories From the Edge edited by David Etkin, Jasmina Germanski & Christina Franklin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.



Reducing Risk Through Partnerships 2004

1st Symposium of the Canadian Risk and Hazards Network:
Reducing Risk through Partnerships

Proceedings: English


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