The HazNet team is excited to share the next call for papers!

Deadline: May 15th 

The increasing frequency and severity of emergencies and disasters pose a significant challenge to many of the current practices in emergency management, making it increasingly difficult to effectively mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. In this issue, we will focus on how emergency management is – and is not – evolving to meet these challenges.
Some prompting questions we are suggesting for this issue:

  • How should our daily operations and strategic planning evolve as a field of practice?
  • What lessons do we keep failing to learn? To what extent are the lessons of the past relevant for the future?
  • How can hazard risk and vulnerability assessments and emergency management plans incorporate climate change and the new risks it brings?
  • What considerations can be adopted to ensure a risk-based approach to managing polycrises?
  • What new strategies do we need to adopt in an era of marathon responses and polycrises, including self and team-care?
  • How should our preparedness messaging evolve from the standard “72 hour” messaging that is increasingly insufficient?
  • What are some effective  initiatives, community cases and policies in disaster risk reduction that we can lean on and learn from?

If you have questions or ideas, please reach out at with subject line: “Emergency Management in an Era of Extremes”.

For more information on how to contribute, including steps on how to structure and submit your article click here.