2021/22 CRHNet On-Demand Symposium

Symposium On Demand


Here we pivot again!  With so many virtual conference scheduled this year, we know it’s tough to put a couple of days aside to attend things virtually.  We’ve heard people tell us that’s too much!  Well, we heard you.  We are adjusting our event to be an On-Demand series.  Will will host a variety of single sessions that include presentations, workshops, panels and discussion starting in the fall of 2021 until May 2022.  We will offer this free to our members, and a nominal fee for non-members.  Watch this space for additional information on the sessions.

We hope you will join us in collaboration, telling Canada’s evolving story of disaster risk reduction and resilience.

CRHNet will host CRHNet Symposium virtually again this year and look forward to being back in person in 2022 in Ottawa November 8-10, 2022. Our mission is to bring together the disaster risk management community to increase resiliency through the transfer of knowledge, the building of relationships, and the exchange of best practices.  Our Symposium is a huge factor in being able to accomplish this.  The long term response, global impacts, increasing divisiveness and resistance to science during the pandemic have been a catalyst for many developments and innovations.  Collectively we have a responsibility to ensure that the knowledge, challenges and successes in emergencies and disaster management is shared and further explored together. 

Our way of working, communicating, responding, preparing, researching, field work, and engagement have changed significantly.  What does that mean for the future?  What is the Next Generation of disaster risk reduction and resilience?  Pivoting through the pandemic has put things in a constant state of forward propulsion, ready or not.  How do we harness this, apply the lessons learned and work toward the next generation of DRR?

It starts with events like the annual Symposium.  Working together with diverse stakeholders sharing results-based best practices with practical implications, what worked (and didn’t) and building back better to ensure that new methods are being adopted and developed.  Rarely before, and never with this level of technological  support, have we had a world of information and collaboration to build up from.  We are connected through experience and common goals, inter-connected society that is ready to embrace innovation that will impact next generations.

Thank you to our membership and stakeholders for their support.

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