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The following Crisis Communications Toolkit is a product of The Business Roundtable provided to its members. It is designed to enable members of the BRT to tailor for their own unique purposes a workable post-9/11 crisis communications plan that includes crisis preparation, prevention, and continuous improvement...

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Preparing an organization for crisis is an enormous leadership challenge. A number of studies have been conducted, and articles have been written, about the leadership qualities required by emergency and business continuity managers to ensure an effective response to a crisis. Yet comparatively little has been done to provide guidance to presidents, CEOs, and other senior leaders... Download 272.6 KB
Public managers rely on many types of research to stay on top of our constantly changing government workplace. Basic research lays down a solid foundation of understanding by describing and explaining the world in which public managers live. Applied research adds a practical edge by drawing out the decision-making implications of research findings... Download 329.5 KB

Disaster planning is only as good as the assumptions on which it is based. Unfortunately, this planning is often based on a set of conventional beliefs that has been shown to be inaccurate or untrue when subjected to empirical assessment. (1–3) To the extent that this occurs, responses can be dysfunctional rather than adaptive...

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ABSTRACT Recent world-wide crisis events have drawn new attention to the role information communication technology (ICT) can play in warning and response activities. Drawing on disaster social science, we consider a critical aspect of postimpact disaster response that does not yet receive much information science research attention...

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